Animal Communication Consultations

Caroline’s consultations with your animal friends are all done via phone or Skype.

Please note that Caroline can communicate with animals that are alive or that have passed away.  She DOES NOT, however, communicate with lost or stolen animals.

Choose the service that best suits your needs:

Animal Communication

45 mins | $105 (+taxes)

This service gives you the opportunity to communicate with one or two animals in order to better understand their perspective, their needs, or to improve challenging behaviours. It lets you communicate in-depth with a specific animal that requires more attention to offer solutions in a non judgmental environment. The animal can therefore express itself, leading to a gentle transformation for both human and animal. This service can be chosen for animals that are in body or those who have passed away.


Animal Communication

30 mins | $85 (+taxes)

This consultation gives you the opportunity to get to know your companion animal better by asking him/her simple questions or to hone in on a problem with a few specific questions. The service can also be chosen as a follow-up to an initial consultation or to communicate with an animal who has passed away.









The Combined Consultation

1h | $120 (+taxes)

This consultation is geared towards a companion animal that is in distress, whether sick or injured, and allows you to find out what is going on. It involves an initial 30 mins communication in order to ask your animal questions to determine the root of the problem, followed by 30 mins of energy work to help him/her recover based on the information gained during the communication.  







Animal Soul Contract

45 mins | $95 (+taxes)

This consultation is a combination of animal communication and channeling, to determine your companion animal’s soul contract. The goal is not  to ‘solve problems’, but to learn more about your relationship with him/her and the purpose of his/her presence in your life. You will be able to ask questions about the dynamics of your relationship with your companion animal, what he/she came into your life to learn, to teach you, and to instill in you.  You will see your animal-companion in a brand new light!